PowerScribe 5.X and 360, Dragon and SpeechAnywhere Intergation

Supplement or completely generate narrative report

The option exists to supplement or completely generate narrative report with various speech recognition engines. This allows the existing engine already residing at the workstation to be used. Generally only a single engine can reside on a workstation due to conflicts the audio input.

Connecting to facilities speech engine system

Connecting to facilities speech engine system, requires resources from the speech and network team. And because of various workstation security rights and permission the “first” user is challenge implying it may take more than an hour. If complicating integration, kick-off call and staff correlation is a must.

To use the radiologist’s existing speech account with PenRad, enter the user name and passcode into the Speech Recognition User and Password fields on the Radiologist Maintenance screen and save.

To access the Radiologist Maintenance screen, select the Radiologist from the Radiologist list, via the Administration screen by tapping the Radiologist Maintenance button. In addition, speech recongition type and source will need to be set-up in the PenRad workstation configuration file.

For facilities without speech

For facilities without speech, SpeechAnywhere, a medical terminology hosted solution we use, is available on a monthly subscription, generally without the “up front costs”.

Various hybrid models available

PenRad offers for report generation, structured, macros, supplement and or free voice for various workflows.

Pertinent information for all exams requires; recall type and interval, diagnostic information (birads code and or pathologic finding). In addition, tissue density and patient letter selection for mammograms.

Hybrid workflow models, offer auto clone of prior mammogram for routine screenings without significant change. Those with change, supplement with power macros, and or voice, or specify AutoTrac, notifying staff exam is interpreted, and report generation is free form, via transcription or voice recognition system.

When free form report is completed, our AutoReader module receives HL7 result message (narrative report) from RIS and or speech recognition engine. AutoReader extracts from the narrative, pertinent clinical information and for statistical data and patient management and follow-up.

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