Preview patient letters

Various controls where added for preview patient letters within the screens.

For the radiologist on the approve screen, if desired tapping the via Full Preview button will expose the patient letter directly after the narrative report. Patient letter will be rendered in the patient’s desired language based on optional letter configuration templates. Preview of exam narrative was also expanded on Batch Print screen (also facilitates email, fax and print automatically), by tapping View Exam button.

For the previewing recall and reminder letters, after letters load for distribution, right click with mouse on patient‘s name will expose a menu to select view letter. Letter will be projected in the patient’s language.

AutoSelect, manage recall reminder and follow-up correspondence generation

Many facilities utilize the AutoSelect feature on recall and reminder screen, to manage preparation and distribution patient reminder and recall letters, regardless of the facilities schedule.

AutoSelect facilitates daily, weekly, or any schedule desired. Daily keeps the phones ringing at a consistent rate. If schedule interrupted to an absence or a holiday, AutoSelect automatically incorporates those reminders and past-due letters.

AutoSelect automatically preselects screening and follow-up patients based days prior and post to targeted recall date, and as applicable, past-due letters.

AutoSelect generates letters 30 days prior to targeted recall date (lead-time adjustable), and then generates past-due letters in the 30 day off-sets post targeted date. As soon an scheduling message is received, letters stop, unless exam is not conducted and then resumes.

Assure patient compliance with recall and annual exams

Reminder and past-due letters are a must for the radiologist to assure that patients comply with their recommendations, especially when Birads 3 is now permissible on a screening exam.

Demonstrating that patients where notified multiple times for recall, contributes as positive patient management measure for those not complying with recommendation. Log files reflect date of generation.

Use PenConnect to notify patients for reminders and past-due correspondences

PenRad’s PenConnect emails the patient reminders and past-due letters directly to the patient’s designated email accounts. This is also applicable for exam result letters as well. Log files reflect date time of delivery.

Email reduces the cost of business and turnaround time of patient correspondence distribution. Figure $2.00 burden per patient per year, once for the result, and again for the reminder (stamp, envelope, paper and toner, and stuffing). For patients that do not desire email, correspondences will be prepared for conventional mail.

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