Sent to PACS, automatically History Sheet to and other pertinent documents

Options are available to send various documents to PACS through PenRad’s DICOM engine automatically and manually attach to exam.

Automatic options for example include sending patient’s Medical Risk History worksheet to the PACS bound to the exam as it released to worklist. This streamlines interpretation for radiologist.

Other automatic options facilitate sending image of narrative report and patient exam letter for exam to PACS as completed exam is distributed.

Sent to PACS Documents:

Medical and Risk history form for current exam.
(Scanned or automatically constructed derived from the captured data elements within the patient record).

Consent and release forms.

Scanned documents such as insurance and photo IDs.

Previous external reports (imaging, pathology, surgical) can be attached to the exam for reference.

Attachment of files Jpeg, BMP, word docs, PDFs, etc.

Copy of the narrative report and patient exam letter when completed.

Provides redundant storage of pertinent documents.

PenRad’s Dicom Services offers attachment to the accession number in PACS.

For the Radiologist

During interpretation with or without interaction with PenRad’s reporting system, radiologists and staff benefit with an image of the medical and risk history worksheet.

An image maybe a scanned or constructed automatically derived from the captured data elements within the patient record, including demographics, risk factors, computed Gail and Tyrer-Cuzick values.

Electronic and scanning support

PenRad system facilitates automatic attachment of scanned paper images with various industry scanners. Also provided are import of external files (Jpeg, BMP, word docs, PDFs, etc.) can be also be attached to the exam for viewing during exam.

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