Release of ACR’s BiRads V5 Atlas:

Offers some newer terminology, and retirement of some existing terminology.

To suppress non preferred BiRads V5 Atlas terminology (see items below), enter Hide Listbox Items button on Admin screen, or Set Defaults & Macros button on an individual screen. Tap Hide Old Birads button to hide all items on 4 screens itemized below. Tap Restore Old Birads button to restore all itemized below.
To customize hide, tap ID column to sort to match list order.
To temporary show hidden items during exam for selection, tap small unlabeled gray button on screens.
See PenTip 143 Customizing Screens By User for detailed instructions.

On negative screen in new release, non preferred terminology is suffixed with plus symbol; lesion, lesions, density, densities, nodule, nodules, scattered densities, scattered calcifications. Negative screen is unique with a series of compound terminology phrases selectors for efficiency (scattered calcifications for example). For radiologists with AutoClone activated, (clones prior exam’s selected items – abnormalities, implant info, tissue density, etc.), if a non preferred terminology phrase was previously selected, it will be visible and selected. Deselect if desired, then select preferred BiRads V5 terminology. This is true for all exam cloning as well.

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