Exam merging offers all-inclusive narrative report

PenRad facilitates all-inclusive report formats, versus separate narrative reports for facilities without bundled orders. For example; Biopsy with post clip imaging and specimen imaging. Screening mammogram,diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. The all-inclusive narrative report is distributed to each of RIS orders for billing. The heart of the system allows individual orders to be satisfied, by suppressing individual reports and then applied to common narrative report. Procedure exams allow detail of associated exams.

Mammography detail exam facilitates findings of screening and diagnostic mammogram, and ultrasound as well, while semi-automatically consuming separate orders. Biopsies can include post imaging and specimen.
To separately consume orders and/or select narrative report format, tap the Procedures button on exam screens or PreExam screen, to combine exams.

Tapping the Add Satisfy Order button includes order and suppresses independent report. Tapping Full Report button creates separate report. Multiple full reports can also combined on a common narrative report.

UPPER GRID Reflects orders available not consumed for narrative report. Tap Full Report button adjoining procedure type to initiate full report immediately. Procedure transferred to lower grid as Full Report.
Tap Satisfy Order Only button adjoining procedure type to consume without separate report. Procedure transferred to lower grid as Satisfy Order Only.

LOWER GRID Reflects procedure types consumed for narrative report generation. Those prefixed with “No Report” satisfy order with no separate report and have a Satisfy Order Only button in Toggle Report Type column. Procedures types appearing as a button are specified as full report, and have a Full Report button in Toggle Report Type column.

CHANGING SATISFY ORDER ONLY TO FULL REPORT AND VICE VERSA To toggle Satisfy Order Only procedure to a full report, tap Satisfy Order Only button adjoining procedure that toggles button to full report. To toggle procedure from Full Report to Satisfy Order Only, tap the Full Report button adjoining procedure. Button toggles to Satisfy Order Only, and procedure description is prefixed with “No Report”.

ACCESSING A FULL REPORT EXAM SCREEN by tapping the Full Report button adjoining the procedure type (upper grid) to immediately open the report template associated procedure type. To re-enter a procedure template (lower grid) tap on the procedure button.

MULTIPLE FULL REPORTS can be distributed in a common document (combined). To re-enter a procedure (lower grid) tap on the Procedure button. Procedures with Full Report require detailing for distribution.

TO RELEASE OR RESTORE A PROCEDURE tap the Delete button adjoining the procedure on lower grid.
This returns the procedure back to available in upper grid.

TO CHANGE ORDER OF EXAMS IN COMBINED REPORT use up/down arrows to change position. The initial procedure order cannot be altered.

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