Automated import of patient clinical and risk factors

PenRad facilitates a one-step process to import as a constructed phrase into the clinical section of the report; Patient clinical and risk factors, family breast cancer history, plus BRCA and Tyrer Cuzick values.

Clinical can also include macros, free text, previous clinical statements, and statements received with order.

To access the clinical section of report tap the Clinical Text button. Button is available on Preliminary exam screen, PreExam screen, each of the Examination main screens, and on approve screens.

To import clinical macros, select section from Phrase Category by tapping on category, then tap on desired phrases to incorporate (multiple macros can be used in conjunction). See below sample.

To import patient risk factors, family breast cancer history, BRCA and Tyrer Cuzick generated phrase, tap Insert Risk History button. See below sample.

To edit clinical phrase, edit in Clinical Text window. Macro and imports insert at insert curser.

To view in patient’s risk history in persistent window during exam, tap Risk History Summary button.

To view, use patient’s previous incorporated clinical statement, or clinical provided with order, tap Import Clinical button. To reuse statement (can be edited), tap to select and tap Select button.

Sample below incorporates macro and patient risk and history summary.
Tap on macro, macro text inserted, then tap Risk History Summary button, summary text inserted.

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