All-inclusive Biopsy Reports

PenRad facilitates all-inclusive reports, versus separate narrative reports for facilities without bundled orders.

For example; Biopsy with post clip and specimen imaging. The all-inclusive narrative report is distributed to each of the RIS orders for billing. The heart of the system allows individual orders to be satisfied by suppressing individual reports, and then is applied to the common narrative report. Biopsy exams allow detail of associated exams such as post-imaging and specimen.

To consume post-imaging and specimen orders for biopsy:
Tap the Procedures button on the biopsy screen or PreExam screen. Tapping the Add Satisfy Order button on the upper grid consumes and includes the order, while suppressing the independent report. Once selected, the lower grid reflects the procedure types consumed (prefixed with “No Report” to satisfy order) for biopsy report generation.

To restore exam type as full report: Tap the Satisfy Order Only button to toggle back to Full Report adjoining the procedure on lower grid. Then report is available as a full detail independent report, however combined with other selected reports.

To un-combine and restore an exam as an independent: Tap the Remove button adjoining the procedure on lower grid. This returns the procedure back to the available in the upper grid. Access the report as a separate exam on schedule.

During approval of the biopsy exam and require associated exam is enabled: If the report references post imaging and or specimen detail, and orders have NOT been consumed, user will be automatically directed to the procedure list to consume order. Monitored for additional imaging are items selected in; Clip location, Post procedure imaging and Post imaging reveals. Monitored for specimen are selected items in; Specimen Includes and Margin assessment.

If order is not available on procedure list, then report requires suspending:
Order needs be available to exam schedule to draw upon. To add required exam for those that typically do not create orders, tap PreExam button to return to reading schedule and tap suspend option as return to schedule to retain report. From the reading schedule, right click on biopsy and select new exam for patient (bottom selector). Next the order list will appear with available exams for patient. If not available check filters (date, exam type, etc.). Tap on missing order type (imaging and or specimen) to complete biopsy and tap Start Exam button. Next tap Add To Schedule button to add exam schedule. Next double click on biopsy exam on exam schedule and enter biopsy exam. Next tap the Procedure button. New order appears on top grid. Next tap Add Satisfy Order button to satisfy required order. Tap on biopsy exam in lower grid, and approve exam.

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