DEXA Automatic Import, Report Generation and Format Options

PenRad offers an integrated DEXA narrative report generation module. The DEXA module prepares statistical and analytical data, data mining capabilities, and patient recall compliance. Patients exam and reminder letters can be emailed and or mailed for patient retention.

Also available is our DEXA module import that imports current and prior scan region data directly from the modality, saving time and eliminating manual data input and errors.

With the combination of the DEXA narrative report generation module and the import module, report templates automatically perform comparison selection and calculate change. Then the narrative report is prepared for approval, offering the radiologist saved time.

Over the course of the years, various DEXA report formatting options have been developed.
Two general format styles exist for scanned region data; Sentence paragraph and Row Column.
This option is provided to hide various scan regions from the selection screen not used by the facility.

Paragraph sentence format:
Itemizes the selected comparisons in the sentence structure of the scan.
Current scan sentence typically shows percentage change between selected comparison (if exists), and/or with level of significance change, Z-Score, and variations of the WHO statement.
Format option offers sentence override for; risk level, change (by value or percentage), and overall risk.
Option offers suppression of T-Score value associated with scan.

Row column format:
Itemizes comparisons within the current scan with the percentage change calculation.
These options incorporate all like comparisons, by most current only or matching oldest, most with ascending or descending order options.

For demonstration of format and options:
Full report is initially displayed reflecting the sample of sentence structure and row column format.
To conserve “paper”, samples focus on sentence options, and row column format differences, and standardized items are not repeated. For example; Clinical data section, Risk factors section, Disease section, Medications section, Study introduction sentence, Modality sentence, Z-score paragraph, Impression, recommendations, interpretation location, interpreting physician, imaging technologist, and letter sent.

Z-Score WHO statement override option available to both formats.

Impression options common to both formats:
Itemize scan data in impression with or without T-Score, and to suppress patient risk for fracture statement.

*The following Document offers a full sample of the Paragraph Sentence format and the Row Column format. Following each of the full format samples, customization options are presented for selection if desired.

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