MRI and MRI BX Additions

As requested, we added the ability to include contrast and amount to the MRI biopsy procedure. This facilitates MRI biopsies not conducted with the original MRI imaging exam. To specify, tap the Procedure Detail button.

Added is the ability to specify the distance from the nipple via a slider for each abnormality without accessing the Abnormality detail screen. Nipple Distance Slider is interactive with Abnormality Dimensions screen attached to the Abnormality Detail screen. The Nipple Distance Slider was added to all imaging and procedure screens.

Added to all Biopsy screens, the ability to track and record, and reflect in biopsy report the GUDID number of any implanted devices (clips, chips, etc.) for FDA requirement. To access, tap the Device Implanted button.

If users have not discovered Macros to store and retrieve common combinations sets; abnormality type, devices, gauge, clip placement, etc., select the common items, tap the Set Default & Macros button, tap add new Marco selector and then label the macro. This offers the ability to tap the Macro button directly on the main screen after the abnormality is initially located on the breast image and select a saved macro. When the macro is selected, the Abnormality Detail screen is exposed, allowing refinement of selected items. If desired, items selected can be added as another macro to your macro library, by tapping the Set Default & Macros button and tapping the add selector. As you accumulate more macros, the display order of your macros on the macro list can customized, by tapping the Move up and Move Down buttons.

The macro option was added to all screens, enabling the next level of professional productivity.

For MRI imaging, macros are way to go for specifying all the information on image technical processes (sequence, slice thickness, timing and duration) along with contrast and volume on the Procedure Info Detail screen. Now create macros for protocols for implant and others, even by different modality.

Added to the main MRI screen is the macro creation for T1, T2, coronal and implant sequence specification. To create a macro or edit, tap the Set Default & Macro button. To select a macro to apply after initially added, tap the Execute Screen Macro button. Also added to MRI main screen is the ability to specify the new background enhancement modifiers, and if asymmetric.

Added on the MRI main screen and all other imaging and procedure screens, display of Clinical Text and the ability to edit, by tapping the Clinical Text button. The compare button was added to specify comparisons on the fly and or view prior reports, with the ability to have one or more reports displayed simultaneous.

Clinical text has a new desired feature; incorporating complete or sub-set of the patient’s medical and risk history, with or without computed Gail and Tyrer-Cuzick values, just tapping the Insert Risk History button.

To facilitate the latest MQSA EQUIP regulation, an Imaging button was added all main screens to allow pro-active imaging assessment when necessary or flag as the ideal MQSA submission.

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