Notification Alert of External and Internal Events

PenRad, PenTrac, and PenLung clients have a new feature available, notification alert module.
This option updates the status of orders and exams of external and internal events, providing automatic notification as events transpire, optimizing facility communication and staff performance.

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On main worklist as status changes, exam color changes as well. Worklist can be filtered, and ordered by status and color. This can be customized for each facility.

For internal events
As exam is completed.
As exam is printed.
As exam is suspended.

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For external events alerting staff for Breast imaging
Breast medical and risk form complete, ready for imaging.
Breast density results received, ready to read.
Bone density scan data received, ready to read.
Pathology results received, ready to complete biopsy exam.
Results received for Autoreader, ready to track and process.

For external events alerting staff for Lung imaging
Lung medical and risk form complete, ready for imaging.
CT dose results received, ready to complete.
Results received for Autoreader, ready to track and process.


On RIS worklist, work status can be tracked and monitored; (above right)
Patient arrives, insurance completed, risk interview completed (with or without tablets), in dressing room, ready for imaging. As status changes, so does the color. Worklist can be filtered, ordered by status and color.

External events can be manually toggled, if external interface is not available. Medical and history received, requires tablet form system. Breast and Bone density received, require DICOM interface. Results for Autoreader and pathology results received, generally via the HL7 engine.

Interested in other external and or internal events for status change with or without color notification, contact PenRad support via the contact number listed below, or email

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