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PenRad, PenTrac and PenLung clients, have a new feature available; expanded right click options.
Expanded right click functions on the exam schedule to view additional exam information and individual exams within an all-inclusive study, and initiate another exam. Right click initially offered the ability to color code exams, apply radiologist assignment, review prior exams, indicate patient wet read, etc.

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By right clicking on exam and selecting [Show exam info], presents a static message window containing; Patient information, exams within study, referring physician contact info (name, facility, phone), tablet password for patient. This message displays more information and remains visible, compared to hovering over patient name with mouse.

By right clicking on exam and selecting [New exam for patient], directly opens order list to initiate a new exam. Examples; Queuing up a set of unilateral exams for an all-inclusive bilateral study. Queuing up an all-inclusive biopsy study with specimen and post clip imaging. Queuing up an all-inclusive imaging study mammogram and ultrasound.

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The Help button located on each screen opens a separate help window that provides detailed help descriptions with several productivity tips. The help window can be positioned and sized, and retains last position and size by user and workstation combination. Each administrative report has a customized Report Help screen when selected. This includes detail on options, various formulas, where data drawn from, and pathology grouping look-ups. The general administration reports Help screen reflects a listing of the admin reports available.

Did you know?
That many additions have been added to the administrative report package besides additional reports requested. Restrictive report option: Restricts report results to the log in user’s data automatically, by facility, facilities and zones. Zones option: Zone feature was added for facilities with multiple locations. Offers multiple combinations of grouping of facilities in reports, for example; Westside clinics, freestanding, hospital based, screening only, diagnostic facilities, mobile units, etc. This extends data analytics to assist in planning for revenue, utilization, marketing, etc, by region, facilities and or service provided. Contact PenRad Support to discuss restricted reports option and zones.

Did you know?
PenRad has administrative report macros capabilities and two are included. The “Run Before Audit” report macro prepares a pre-audit report with the various reports, with a single tap. Facilities should run monthly to be pro-active with preparation for the MQSA audit, highlighting incomplete items. Also included as a macro is the “MSQA Audit” that produces with a single tap the gamut of reports required for the Audit. Report macros allow facilities the ability to store frequently used reports (last month’s; exam counts by radiologist and/or technologist, biopsy results, unresolved cases, etc.) and bundle the individual reports together as a set, then initiate the set with a single tap. Learn more about macros by tapping on the Admin Report Help button.

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