Staging and Post-treatment Additions

Requests have been received to capture additional pathological staging. To facilitate this request, a series of selectors were added to the staging screen to record this information from report response to Neoadjuvant therapy. This data is also reflected in PenRad’s Pathology tracking exam, that is the core for the majority of the pathological and audit administrative reports.

For those that typically just record the initial clinical/imaging stage, are now presented therapy information, which can be added to existing Pathology exam when received. Retrospectively it is enlightening to review the response of Neoadjuvant therapy with various pathological types. The post treatment T (tumor) value was added to Administrative report 4P, providing comparison with initial clinical/imaging stage.

For those patients that are presented with post therapy only, our selectors incorporate the AJCC TNM classification 7th edition nomenclature. Pathologic pN (lymph node), Post treatment ypN (lymph node), Post treatment snN (sentinel node), Post treatment ypT (primary tumor), Post treatment ypM (distant metastasis).

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Pathology exam incorporates Staging screen items:

ypT – Post-treatment Primary Tumor assessment:
pN – Pathological Lymph Node assessment:
ypN – Post-treatment Lymph Node assessment:
snN – Post-treatment with Sentinel Node evaluation:
ypM – Post-treatment Distant Metastasis assessment:
And the Clinical/Imaging TNM (auto calculates stage)

On the main Pathology Exam screen (bottom half only displayed), added the option to record an “initial biopsy physician”, and if applicable, an “other biopsy/surgical physician”. If initial biopsy is created in PenRad, then automatically the Pathology exam is created and suspended, and an initial biopsy radiologist is populated.

By entering date/time for pathology received, time will be incorporated into administrative report 3XX, Elapsed Time for Sequential Exams with Biopsy (sleepless night report).

To specify Neoadjuvant therapy, start and end dates select dates. To add Neoadjuvant therapy information after original biopsy, tap the Edit button associated with the completed or suspended Pathology exam.

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