Sent Documents to Files, Portal, and PACS, and Cryptographic Notarization

Several options were added to facilitate sending correspondences to facility’s portal and document archival.

This includes patient exam letter, patient recall/reminder letters, patient appointment letter, custom write letters, and the narrative report. Each correspondence type may have separate directory destination, and custom file naming with a combination of; patient name, correspondence type, MRN, accession number, etc.

Also within PenRad, a DICOM service is available that automatically attaches a copy of patient electronic history sheet, patient exam letter, and/or narrative report to the PACs related to the exam images of date.

Another option, with or without PenRad’s narrative report generation, the patient’s risk/history sheet can be automatically sent to PACs, making it available during interpretation, without scanning hardcopy.


New in PenRad is a unique feature that is an automatic task. It allows you to transfer all items collected residing in our notes screen, including but limited to; letters, exams, populated forms (release consents, HIPPA consents, email consents, etc.) and imported; scanned documents, pictures, exams, pathology reports, etc., and forward them to the facilities PACS archive. Items are attached to the related exam by direct accession number association or by date to the nearest breast related accession number.

When an item is copied to PACS, the PACS GUDID number is received and attached to item in our database. Then automatically when there has been no patient activity for several weeks, the data file is removed, thus reducing the size of the PenRad database after the PACS transfer and confirmation of data.

This offers smaller database requirements, and in many cases, allows Microsoft’s free express version of database to be continued to be used. Another feature of a smaller database is less disk space require for backups, and the possibility of running the database on a solid-state drive for another tier of performance.

When patient activity occurs for example; a new order received or patient medical record opened, PenRad automatically requests items from PACS and adds to database. Again, when no patient activity after a couple weeks, items added are transferred, confirmed, and removed from PenRad’s database.

Another feature for consideration, with sending items to PACs, when recipient requests breast images and records, this offers the “whole” bundle, instead of gathering individual components, thus saving staff time and resources as patients request their medical records for self and or another provider requests.

PenRad’s database is for data and many use as an image archive. PACS is for images and PDF images. PenRad is transitioning to PDFs only, to facilitate federal mandated requirements;

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