EQUIP MQSA tracking system

With the EQUIP regulation, MQSA requires evaluation of mammography image quality, record when action required and then track the resolution action. PenRad’s EQUIP module facilitates evaluation during exam interpretation or in batch evaluation of historical images. PenRad’s unique review goal and resolution system by technologist verifies compliance. Goals can be applied to ultrasound and MRI technologists as well.

For each technologist and location combination, a monthly EQUIP review goal is specified on the Technologist screen (below). As an exam is reviewed by specified reviewer, a count is applied towards goal. Monthly evaluation periods are adjustable to accommodate staff schedules.

All radiologists can participate as a reviewer. Specified radiologist’s reviews apply towards their review goal. To specify radiologist as EQUIP reviewer, enter the radiologist screen and select Can Review Techs.

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As an exam is reviewed with select reason located on the imaging screen (below), the current count increases by one (left). When Monthly Reset day is reached, the Current Count is reset to 0, commencing the next review period. If review count is less than 1 per month is desired, set Reset Day to 0 to disable automatic reset. Then Current Count accumulates as reviews are conducted until reset by tapping the Reset Counter button. If desired, Review Target count can be used as goal.


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During interpretation, if images are not within facilities protocols for exam, the radiologist taps the Imaging button and selects EQUIP category for tracking, and or adds a custom comment. Imaging button on reading worklist or prior exams screen offers access to record an Action Resolution selection for exam.

Repeat note field on Imaging screen offers the tech the ability to communicate to the radiologist proactively for example; physical limitations for axillary tail.

To automate EQUIP post evaluation in batch mode, the radiologist works from the interactive EQUIP utility report. Report offers filters by exam types, technologists, and date range for example; last month, first week, Monday, tomo mammograms only. For facilities with PenRad’s softcopy synchronization module, the selected EQUIP images can be synchronized. The EQUIP utility report offers prefetching of images for selected exams, if purged from the local environment, using PenRad’s automatic prefetch module PenFetch.

EQUIP reason categories are customizable as well as action/resolution. PenRad includes a common set of reason and action items. Also included in reason category is “Ideal images for MQSA review”, providing proactive accumulation of cases by modality and technologist, for future MQSA submission.

The EQUIP MQSA administrative report offers data extraction reason and resolution combination by technologist, by imaging modality, by day, by exam, for audit. Report offers trend data and tracks cases not resolved, and performance issues by technologist, by modality, and other factors.

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