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Our 7.0 upgrade reflects more enhancements then all of our past upgrades combined. These changes enhance workflow, productivity, efficiency and economics. Requested items are included as well.

We have added PenRad’s FAQ portal for tech support solutions and to our customer portal the latest PenTips, ( and (

For those using PenLung for CT lung screening, this version includes the latest revisions for the ACR registry.

With over 1500 items added, starting on Wednesdays at noon central time, we will kick off lunch with PenRad, a web session for those wanting to experience the new release first-hand.

  • For the Radiologist: New Pre-Exam, Macros, more report formats, and includes the new BI-RADS terminology.
  • For the Technologist: Expanded DICOM import, clinical data import and form automation to eliminate scanning.
  • For the Administrator: One step MQSA audit reporting, patient status workflow and expanded admin reports.
  • For the Patient: Tablet input, direct email result and reminder letters, and interface for facilities’ patient portal.
  • For the Navigator: Reminder schedule for follow-up and improved workflow.
  • For the Genetics counselor: Expanded breast risk value calculations and data mining capabilities.
  • For the Referring physician: Recall date computed, overall BI-RADS coding and email results.
  • For Compliance: MQSA EQUIP imaging quality review, and FDA GUDID recording/tracking of markers and seeds.

PenRad is engaged in a web based solution.

PenRad is a strategic member of HL7 FHIR. PenRad contributes at the US and international level in CIMI (Clinical Information Modeling Initiative), CDS (Clinical Decision Support), and Vocabulary committees. PenRad’s goal is to advance the timeline, and the standards of data architecture and infrastructure. Medical reports will be structured and exchanged in FHIR, consisting of millions of ID combinations in SNOMED CT and LOINC expressions, as medical records move away from free text. Future payment models are based on MIPS and MACRA, using FHIR structures to perform the analytics. Our goal is to have our clients participate in the financial incentives as soon as offered by the ONC.

We look forward to joining you on Wednesdays for our lunch series to showcase the latest and greatest from PenRad. Please email to sign-up for a webinar session.

A quick read and detailed overview of upgrade are provided and circulated with upgrade worksheet. Many options and tips are discussed in detail in our PenTip newsletter. Historical and current tips are available via our website after log-in.

Thank you for your business.
Greg Gustafson, President | PenRad Technologies, Inc.

*This PenRad/PenTrac worksheet facilitates activation of the items in the new release and offers discussion guide to review items not currently implemented. The worksheet is available in the PenTips pdf below. Contact us today to schedule an upgrade training and explore the many new features and benefits that are available.

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