Version 7 Supplements

Based on site feedback, upcoming regulation items, and the “if we only had”, we added additional options.

  • Added Genetic Assessment Module that computes eligibly and can insert information into exam and patient exam letter based on 4 models; NCCN and NCCN extended, Medicare, and custom preliminary screening.
  • Added Patient History form that allows remote update of patient’s medical and risk factors by patient or staff, with extended relative cancer information. Includes enhanced second and third degree relatives and males.
  • Added “with synthetic 2D” modifier for tomographic mammograms. This modifier is incorporated into the exam title type for differentiation. This exam modifier can insert a custom phrase or be combined with tomographic imaging phrase located in exam narrative, to insure appropriate phraseology for reimbursement.
  • Added to pathology technique “Stereo BX tomo” in addition to Stereo Bx and Stereo FNA.
  • Added to AutoReader system access for recording EQUIP information.
  • Added to the form system by each form the option to allow; delete, only one copy, and only one non-approved form. Incomplete forms are signified with a yellow background. A yellow message window appears on Preliminary Exam screen signifying incomplete forms automatically.
  • Added automatic patient exam letter filter hierarchy based on screening or diagnostic in addition to Birads filter.
  • Added controls to capture Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation for compliance with new 2018 regulation. This can be disabled based on request.
  • Added the ability to capture implanted device GUDID information after exam.
  • Modified breast tissue input to Tyrer Cuzick 8.0 to update real-time value calculations as tissue density value changed during Mammography exam. Previously, tissue density values for Tyrer Cuzick where derived from last exam. This modification offers current risk values based current mammography density. Did you know that PenRad offers tissue density integration with Volpara, Hologic and iCad?

Supplemental options available in version 7 (bold “YES” and “NO” recommended)

Yes    NO  Disable Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation controls
YES   No   Learn more about applying restrictions on forms
YES   No   Learn more about exam letter hierarchy filtering
YES   No   Learn more about synthetic 2D exam terminology options
YES   No   Learn more about the Genetic Assessment Module options
YES   No   Learn more about Patient Tablet Medical and History Module

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PenTips #185 - Additions to Version 7

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