Tyrer Cuzick risk assessment with breast density during exam

Modified system as breast density is changed during mammo exam to re-calculate Tyrer Cuzick 8.0 values.

This modification offers current risk values based current mammography density.

Previously, tissue density values influencing Tyrer Cuzick calculation where derived from last exam density.

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Changing the breast density value, updates the Tyrer Cuzick calculated values real-time (see left above).

Did you know tapping on risk window opens the full Medical and Risk history screen (see right above) on the PreExam, Negative Approve, and Detailed Approve screens?

Did you know that PenRad can incorporate the density calculation generated by Volpara, Hologic and iCad?

Did you know that BCRA and or Tyrer Cuzick values can be automatically incorporated into the report?

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Did you know that the background color of risk values can change automatically based on the life-time value?

Did you know that the system can automatically calculate Genetic Hereditary Assessment eligibility and insert custom phrases into patient exam letters and reports, as well as providing opportunities for your Geneticists?

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