Diagnostic, Screening and Procedure Patient Exam Letter Options

A request came to expand the patient exam letters into a hierarchy that further refines letters based on screening and diagnostic imaging exams, in addition to birads filtering.

Letter hierarchy can compliment communication to patient in person, and specific letters sets for procedures.

Screening diagnostic hierarchy suppresses no letter option, thus patient always receives communication.

Patient exam letters can be refined by the exam’s overall Birads value.

Patient exam letters support various bookmarks populating:

  • Next recall, next exam type and next recall interval,
  • Breast density statements (to comply with various state regulations),
  • BRCA and Tyrer-Cuzick values (composed into paragraph with various triggers statement base on risk values), Genetic testing eligibility statement if applicable,
  • Custom patient message,
  • Specific diagnostic location contact information when screening only location exam requires diagnostic work,
  • Facility and ordering physician contact information.

Procedures can share another letter set offering.

For each exam letter set, complementary languages can matching patient preference.

Option is available to require patient letter, suppressing no letter selector without special letter hierarchy option.

For facilities doing wet reading diagnostic imaging and or procedures, the patient exam correspondence can be signified as verbal or written, and a custom message could address post biopsy care, for example.

Separate patient exam letters can be bundled by groups of locations, for contract reading for example.

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