Form Macros Automate Selection and Transport to Tablet

As the transition to paper-less evolves and pressures mount for patient throughput, clients can have the patient update their consent and HIPAA documents, refresh their medical and risk history, and sign-up for results and reminders by email using PenRad’s forms with wireless tablets.

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PenRad forms saves time, mailing costs and does not require any high powered tablet. In fact, the cheaper the better, and it is assumed that retailers would be happy to donate last years or older tablets to Breast Centers as a community good will.

Patients receive a tablet at check-in from front desk, and update their forms while they wait for dressing room. Clients asked, can you bundle these forms and apply logic automatically when they need to be refreshed?

We created a macro system for forms to construct “Forms Macro Packets”.

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A macro packet can contain up to 6 separate forms and each of the forms within a macro has timing logic with it. Logic allows a form to be included or excluded automatically based on the time duration of the previous. For example refresh; HIPAA annually, consent after 60 days, email after 6 months, history sheet each visit.

Also available is to have macro packets automatically sent to a tablet, or to be used

internally, all with a common 24 hour password for recipient patient.
For convenience, the form button for selecting macros is available on the RIS List, Notes and Patient Maintenance screens. The form access code is visible on Notes, Patient List, RIS List and Scheduled Patient List screens.

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