The unresolved / resolved letter screen facilitates a worklist of exams requiring additional follow-up and/or resolution to close. This also adds value for facilities that only offer screening, and further work-up is done externally. This screen automates tracking for non compliant patients that do not return for; additional imaging, follow-up recalls and biopsies.

Screen has built-in capabilities to distribute letters and forms to referring physician along with a copy of the unresolved exam, as well as a letter to indicate the exam is resolved. This offers proactive and documented communications to the referring physician.

Also incorporated is a special system that allows staff or navigator to check on exam status to specify a targeted action reminder date with note capabilities for unresolved exams requiring follow-up. For example that is scheduled, or patient has elected second opinion or is proceeding with other providers, or their referring physician has advised differently.

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Exams can be resolved from the screen with a right click to access the patient’s exam history, and specify reason for resolution. Right click also offers direct access and functions to the patient record to; Edit Patient, Patient Notes, Patient Forms, Scanned Documents (path report, external exams, etc), Prior Exams, Risk History, Indicated Problems, and Write Letter.

This screen initiates function to display a list of unresolved exams requiring immediate or delayed work-up (1-12 months). Filters are available by exam date range, recall type and birads. Resolving exams should be ran weekly to stay current.

Use our auto resolve reminder system, where with a single click, the radiologist resolves the exam within the interpretation screen for returning patients, increasing clinics efficiencies.

Use our PeerReview system with no extra effort while the radiologist interprets, as the comparison exam and report are already being reviewed.

Use our EQUIP system, reducing those non productive sessions while the radiologist is viewing the images.

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