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PenRad MIS internally integrates the code for various risk model engines; the NCI/NSABP BCRA is most commonly used for patients and referring physicians because it is readily available on the Internet. Learn more:

PenRad MIS displays real-time risk values on the Examination and Patient Risk screens; values can be automatically incorporated into the narrative report and patient exam letter.

Some states require patients be notified on their breast density and offered additional imaging evaluation if results indicate extremely dense tissue. PenRad MIS can incorporate automatic custom phrases based on levels of density in patent exam results and flag these studies for further follow up.

Risk factor inputs come from the Patient Medical and Risk History screen and from the Breast History screen by sampling previous biopsy exams or the manually entered biopsies from outside facilities.

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Many facilities use the lifetime risk tool (<20%) as reimbursement criteria tool for recommendation of breast MRI. In the custom letter template section, a letter to the insurance provider can be generated, automatically incorporating risk factor, exam and family history as well as the risk percentage values.

Admin report 1BB provides risk result values for historical exams by patient and threshold filters.

In addition, PenRad MIS integrates with Hughes RiskApps™ offering risk calculation assessment using expanded risk models (i.e. breast, colon and ovarian cancer)> The results of these risk factors are available for the radiologist during interpretation, as well as for the clinician and genetic counselor.

Hughes RiskApps can run on a wireless tablet or kiosk for patent surveying during office visits. Many facilities use PenRad MS incorporated risk models as the initial screening tool and use the Hughes RiskApps for elevated risk patients.

The Hughes Risk Application provides various evaluation and clinical tools for statistics to provide clinics with the most advanced tools. Learn more:


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