Various clients have state laws that require notification to patients regarding their breast density. Connecticut already requires alternate imaging messaging when a patient’s mammogram indicates dense tissue. Texas recently passed “Henda’s Law” which will take effect September 1, 2011 that requires breast density to be communicated to patients. Other states are considering similar legislation, including California, Florida, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York and Ohio, based on a recent AnutMinnie.com news article. PenRad’s interpretation of the Texas bill, requires facilities to insert into the patient exam letter the mammography tissue density for mammographic exams.

PenRad helps customers meet this requirement by automatically facilitating density statements in the patient exam letters, as well as expanded information in the narrative report and recall letters (e.g. dense breast – recommend ultrasound in addition).

The majority of the exam letters deployed in the field are already “full page.” We recommend facilities print on both sides of their letter to improve patent communication. With the backside of the letter dedicated to the education about the breast density and the risks, information on additional imaging, and marketing for the facility. The latter’s front side can be used to insert simple sentences about the patient’s density. As an alternative, customers can opt to use a single sided letter only with the backside’s information.

Soon PenRad will supply sample letters from our sponsored Texas clients “Summit” and others as states pass similar “Density” bills.

There are various financial incentives available for your consideration, the Physician Quality Reporting System 2011 Measure 225 and 146.

  • Rule 225 – “Patient information entered into a reminder system with a target due date for the next mammogram.” This is automatic in the PenRad systems (recall interval).
  • Rule 146 – “Inappropriate Use of “Probably Benign” Assessment Category in Mammography Screening.” Facilities can use Administration Report 3V to check their statistics by facility or by individual radiologist.
  • Rule 225 and 146 can increase reimbursement opportunity temporarily and reduce reimbursement for facilities not conforming to the new guidelines. Contact your coding departments to take advantage of any of the available financial incentives.

We have recently added an option for multi-location or remote reading facilities where the interpretation location is required in the report, so the local fee is appropriately reimbursed; this can be done automatically by the workstation.

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