With PenRad MIS, many clients use the built-in real-time risk assessment tools and the expanded risk assessment package integrated with Hughes RiskApps™ for qualifying patients into high risk screening programs for additional studies (i.e. breast MRI and BRCA testing). For many clients, utilization of the risk assessment tools has yielded a 20 percent increase in MRI. (Learn more at www.PenRad.com).

PenRad MIS offers clients the option to automatically include the patients’ 5-year and life-time risk value percentages in the narrative report, as well as custom educational and/or percentage values in the patient exam letters. Letters also have the option to insert risk information contingent on BI-RADS® coding and/or risk threshold percentages.

PenRad offers integration to the Volpara™ Breast Density Software that automatically quantifies breast density and volume. Volpara output provides physicians with automatic and objective quantitative breast tissue density information to be used in informing patients of their tissue density-related risk, and in documenting the need for adjuvant screening. The integration automatically updates and pre-selects the breast density for the exam. (Learn more at www.Volpara.com or www.PenRad.com).

PenRad has partnered with SonoCine®,manufacturer of an automated whole-breast scanning system, which uses your existing ultrasound machine to scan the entirety of both breasts. The images are presented in cine format to allow rapid review of the full scan, and the ability to examine and locate lesions after the examination. The interface offers synchronization with the SonoCine images. This technology is currently used by several clients who have indicated outstanding detection rates of the smallest cancers in dense breasts. (Learn more at www.SonoCine.com).

For added efficiency with PenRad’s PenView workstation, PenRad offers integration with Medipattern® B-CAD® ultrasound CAD software. B-CAD automatically extracts BI-RADS profiling features directly from the image’s region of interest and pre-selects descriptors for the narrative report generation. The image can also be included in the narrative report. (Learn more about B-CAD at www.Medipattern.com).

PenRad’s Compass software for breast MRI analysis now includes additional features to incorporate images directly into PenRad’s MIS narrative report regardless of the workstation vendor, and save secondary capture image data back to PACS. For facilities utilizing another MRI breast software package and are not satisfied with performance, support or high cost to upgrade, sign up for the Compass complimentary 30-day trial by emailing sales@penrad.com. Compass is maximizing efficiency and economics as the demand for breast MRI increases in communities throughout the country.


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