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PenTips #192 – Unresolved and Resolved Letters

The unresolved / resolved letter screen facilitates a worklist of exams requiring additional follow-up and/or resolution to close. This also adds value for facilities that only offer screening, and further work-up is done externally. This screen automates tracking for non compliant patients that do not return for; additional imaging, follow-up recalls and biopsies. Screen has […]

PenTips #191 – Alternate Template Formatting Options

Alternate Template Formatting Options Over the years, we have accumulated many standard formatting options for report layout that may have interest. Besides separate header sections, comparison statements can be trimmed to dates only removing location and exam type. Separate with uppercase header section for Mammography CLINICAL: for clinical information. COMPARISONS: for comparisons instead of incorporating […]

PenTips #190 – Form Macros

Form Macros Automate Selection and Transport to Tablet As the transition to paper-less evolves and pressures mount for patient throughput, clients can have the patient update their consent and HIPAA documents, refresh their medical and risk history, and sign-up for results and reminders by email using PenRad’s forms with wireless tablets. PenRad forms saves time, […]

PenTips #189 – Regulation Changes

Breast Density and Personal Breast Cancer Indicators For modality resource optimization, last known breast density value was added to patient maintenance screen. Breast density value is also incorporated on the patient list, reading schedule and RIS order worklists as a number.   Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation The latest healthcare regulation recognizes patient’s preference for […]

PenTips #188 – Genetic Testing Eligibility

Genetic Testing Eligibility Module When genetic eligbility testing is desired to be offered as a service, the Medical Risk factors screen and patient surveys can be expanded to collect; Colon, Endometrial, Pancreatic, Prostate and NNN breast cancer, for patient and relatives. The collection of these additional cancer types can often qualify the patient and relatives […]

PenTips #187 – Diagnostic and Screening Letter Options

Diagnostic, Screening and Procedure Patient Exam Letter Options A request came to expand the patient exam letters into a hierarchy that further refines letters based on screening and diagnostic imaging exams, in addition to birads filtering. Letter hierarchy can compliment communication to patient in person, and specific letters sets for procedures. Screening diagnostic hierarchy suppresses […]

PenTips #186 – Breast Density Risk Calculation

Tyrer Cuzick risk assessment with breast density during exam Modified system as breast density is changed during mammo exam to re-calculate Tyrer Cuzick 8.0 values. This modification offers current risk values based current mammography density. Previously, tissue density values influencing Tyrer Cuzick calculation where derived from last exam density. Changing the breast density value, updates […]

PenTips #185 – Additions to Version 7

Version 7 Supplements Based on site feedback, upcoming regulation items, and the “if we only had”, we added additional options. Added Genetic Assessment Module that computes eligibly and can insert information into exam and patient exam letter based on 4 models; NCCN and NCCN extended, Medicare, and custom preliminary screening. Added Patient History form that […]

PenTips #184 – PenRad and PenTrac Quick Read Upgrade

PENRAD AND PENTRAC VERSION 7.0 UPGRADE – Quick Read The following includes additions and requests from our users. *Download this information by clicking on the “Download PenTip” at the bottom of the page. If you would like to learn more about the PenRad/PenTrac Upgrade, contact us today! ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS Updated administrative reports based help, and individual report […]

PenTips #183 – PenRad and PenTrac Itemized Upgrade

PENRAD AND PENTRAC VERSION 7.0 UPGRADE Itemized Release Notes. The following includes additions and requests from our users. *Download this information by clicking on the “Download PenTip” at the bottom of the page. If you would like to learn more about the PenRad/PenTrac Upgrade, contact us today! ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS Added restricted report option allowing staff to […]

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