PenRad’s GateKeeper technology reduces social distancing concerns, patient anxiety and expense. Patients can now check-in remotely with their own device and proceed directly to imaging. Use PenXpress with PenRad, PenTrac, PenLung, and PenAlert systems, to eliminate paper and expense.

PenXpress offers facilities the ability to send patients an access link correspondence providing patients the opportunity to update electronic forms (PenForms) anywhere with internet access, at their leisure on the device of their choice, reducing hygiene concerns.

PenXpress offers before arrival: registration, HIPAA consent, COVID questionnaire, insurance and address updates, consent forms, medical and risk history updates, email sign-up, instructions for arrival, breast center journey and procedure videos. All completed in advance, minimizing staff contact, adding efficiencies for the technologist, all while reducing patient anxiety.


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