PenRad Inc. facilitates reporting requirements based on Pennsylvania enacted Patient Test Result Information Act (PA112)


Buffalo, MN, May 12, 2020

Pennsylvania enacted Patient Test Result Information Act (PA112) in 2019.  This law requires imaging providers to notify outpatients directly, of any significant abnormality discovered.  This new requirement has added additional burden and liability concerns for radiologists.

PenRad, the market leader and radiologist preferred mammography and LDCT reporting, workflow and data management system has created PenAlert in direct response to PA112, expanding PenRad’s footprint to all radiology exams. PenAlert automates patient notification with zero change to Radiologist workflow, all the while providing another layer of confidence in practice management.

“Today’s savvy healthcare consumer wants to receive an easy-to-digest copy of their radiology report in a timely manner, and the burden is squarely on radiologists to figure out how to make that a reality”, says Vivek Kalia, MD, Michigan Medical.1 Dr. Kalia goes on to say “the specialty is entering a new era where readers duties extend well beyond that final document detailing their findings.”

>>> Read the full article with Dr. Kalia here

PenAlert uses machine learning intelligence to extract key findings from the radiologist’s narrative report. PenAlert cataloges the exam and findings, automatically prepares a exam letter describing findings and concerns in patient terminology, as well as the referring physician contact info, sub-specialty care specialists (if applicable), future recommended imaging, business appreciation, all in the patient’s preferred language, for automated delivery via email, mail, and/or to patient portal, for normal exams as well.

Greg Gustafson, Founder and President of PenRad says, “We have seen laws like this in the past, enacted by individual states”.  “Laws such as Henda’s Law, (the Breast Density Law) started out with a single state and has since spread across the nation to be required in 38 states to date.  It will not surprise me at all if this law follows a similar path and all radiology practices will be held to this standard in the near future”.

PenAlert brings automation, confidence and peace of mind to imaging practices that monitor exam resolution and patient satisfaction as part of their practice liability management initiative. Other features include recall letters, various management reports, data-mining for findings and outcomes. Moreover, PenAlert facilitates compliance with key CMS quality payment program requirements (i.e. timely notification of diagnostic exams that require follow up), and increases opportunity to report compliance and best practices with Medicare’s Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

About PenRad

Founded in 1995, PenRad offers a world-class total solution for breast imaging and PenLung, LDCT lung screening (updated to included COVID-19 induced findings) to enhance practice workflow.  Designed for flexibility and easy integration PenRad’s client/server SQL enterprise architecture supports all customers ranging from individual imaging facilities to enterprise systems, while maintaining individual statistics, workflow and automation needs for each facility.  Whether integrating with an existing infrastructure or providing a complete solution, PenRad is your partner in optimizing workflow.

PenRad continues investing within the healthcare community along with driving benefits for the future in diagnostic technology, techniques and analysis. We provide software and leadership towards efforts in standardization. These include HL7 workgroups, such as Clinical Interoperability Modeling Initiative (CIMI), and the Cancer-Interoperability project supported by the ONC, FDA, CDC, NCI, NIH and RSNA.

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