PenRad Inc. is committed to providing relief for busy imaging centers during COVID-19 crisis and beyond


Buffalo, MN, May 12, 2020

With increased lung CT exam paradigms likely to be initiated by the current COVID-19 outbreak, and an increase in lung nodules and incidental findings to be monitored for years, PenRad Technologies, Inc. has decided to donate PenLung, it’s Web-based Lung CT tracking software ecosystem to diagnostic imaging centers in the US.  PenRad structured reporting allows for easy access to all patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19, incidental findings on lung CT exams and digital chest x-rays, and facilitates long term follow-up of both.

“In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and based on some of the early literature focused on lung abnormalities demonstrated on CT exams brought about by the disease, we have updated our software to track key information in the patients likely long term journey, specific to COVID-19,” says Greg Gustafson, PenRad Founder and CEO.  Gustafson goes on to say, “what’s more, in light of the current pressures in diagnostic imaging and what’s sure to be an oncoming increase in procedure volume, we have decided to provide this software platform to diagnostic imaging centers at no charge through 2020.”

PenRad’s secure, Web-based software ecosystem is secure and easily accessible by diagnostic imaging centers, the platform streamlines the overall patient experience and offloads a significant portion of the work typically performed by technologists allowing them more time to focus on patients and patient throughput.

Gustafson continues, “in this time of need as our front-line healthcare providers are looking for ways to streamline their typical workflow, stay safe and ease patient anxiety, PenRad is helping with removing the time-consuming burden of long-term tracking of patient data, freeing technologists to work with patients.”  “Keeping track of patient data, including lung nodules, structural changes and incidental findings, alone generates additional burden and liability for imaging facilities and radiologists.  “Add to this, a likely significant increase in lung CT exams, and programs can quickly become overburdened.”  “We are here to do our part to help in the follow-up of COVID-19 lung disease and incidental findings.”

Diagnostic imaging centers should contact PenRad today, and we will set up a facility account instantly on our Web server and get your team started with PenLung. All fees waived until December 31, 2020.

About PenRad

Founded in 1995, PenRad offers a world-class total solution for breast imaging and PenLung, LDCT lung screening (updated to included COVID-19 induced findings) to enhance practice workflow.  Designed for flexibility and easy integration PenRad’s client/server SQL enterprise architecture supports all customers ranging from individual imaging facilities to enterprise systems, while maintaining individual statistics, workflow and automation needs for each facility.  Whether integrating with an existing infrastructure or providing a complete solution, PenRad is your partner in optimizing workflow.

PenRad continues investing within the healthcare community along with driving benefits for the future in diagnostic technology, techniques and analysis. We provide software and leadership towards efforts in standardization. These include HL7 workgroups, such as Clinical Interoperability Modeling Initiative (CIMI), and the Cancer-Interoperability project supported by the ONC, FDA, CDC, NCI, NIH and RSNA.

Call PenRad at 763-475-3388 for more information. Click to download press release pdf


*UPDATE – This offer expired on July 1, 2020.

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