PenRad Inc. is committed to helping imaging centers as they enter into a new paradigm in women’s imaging workflow.


Buffalo, MN, June 18, 2020

As women’s imaging centers relaunch their screening programs it has become evident that patient intake has changed for the forseeable future.  In an effort to keep waiting rooms clear and facilitate social distancing guidelines, PenRad has launched PenXpress Check-in.  This new update to the PenRad suite of workflow and efficiency products complements existing programs such as PenForms (electronic patient intake forms) and PenConnect (emailed results, remiders, etc.).

“PenXpress Check-in will allow patients to virtually check into their appointment from the comfort and safety of their own home, using their own digital devices”, says Greg Gustafson, PenRad Founder and CEO.  Gustafson goes on to say, “patients can now simply scan a QR code emailed to them by their healthcare provider, enter their security code and be connected immediately with their patient intake form, including high risk questionnaire and health updates.”

PenRad’s software ecosystem is secure and easily accessible.  The platform streamlines the overall patient experience and offloads a significant portion of the work typically requiring face to face interaction with patients.  Further, PenXpress Check-in facilitates educational opportunities and sets expectations with patients about their upcoming visit and how that experience may have changed since their last visit.

About PenRad

Founded in 1995, PenRad provides informatics for Breast, Lung, Diagnostic Radiology, and Genetics, optimizing productivity and risk management initiatives. PenRad delivers on promises made regarding revenue enhancement, functionality, multi-vendor interoperability, analytics, and delivery of patient centric results.

PenRad invests within the healthcare community, driving benefits for the future of diagnostic technology, techniques, analysis and structured data exchange. We provide leadership and software in standardization initiatives in HL7 FHIR workgroups: Clinical Interoperability Modeling Initiative, and the Cancer-Interoperability project supported by the ONC, FDA, CDC, NCI, NIH, RSNA.

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