Novarad and PenRad partner to provide further diagnostic tracking functionality to healthcare providers

Healthcare IT company Novarad to offer PenRad’s PenLung automated tracking and reporting system for lung screening and lung cancer as part of its diagnostic suite SALT LAKE CITY – Novarad, a leading provider of medical software, announced today that it has expanded its strategic partnership with mammography analytics company, PenRad, Inc. PenRad’s automated tracking and […]

PenAlert: A new paradigm in diagnostic imaging reports

PENRAD™ ANNOUNCES PENALERT.  A NEW PARADIGM IN DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING REPORTS IN PATIENT'S LANGUAGE AND TERMINOLOGY. PenRad offers a solution to reduce Radiologists' liability and malpractice, without practice burden.   Buffalo, MN, July 7, 2020 As various regulations evolve and malpractice rates increase, imaging providers need to take a proactive approach to notify patients directly of [...]

PenXpress: To facilitate patient intake and maintain social distancing

PENRAD™ RELEASES PRODUCT UPDATE TO FACILITATE PATIENT INTAKE AND MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES PenRad Inc. is committed to helping imaging centers as they enter into a new paradigm in women’s imaging workflow.   Buffalo, MN, June 18, 2020 As women’s imaging centers relaunch their screening programs it has become evident that patient intake has changed [...]

PenLung COVID: PenRad to provide web-based lung and COVID19 data management system at no charge

PENRAD™ TO PROVIDE WEB-BASED LUNG AND COVID-19 DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AT NO CHARGE TO IMAGING CENTERS IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19 PANDEMIC PenRad Inc. is committed to providing relief for busy imaging centers during COVID-19 crisis and beyond   Buffalo, MN, May 12, 2020 With increased lung CT exam paradigms likely to be initiated by the [...]

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