(Radiologist All-Inclusive Screen Environment)


RAISE increases radiology productivity and patient care when reading outside of PenTrac. Efficiency is gained while human error is eliminated, and workflow becomes more streamlined through one platform. Facilities complete Peer review in a single session, and are able to read with higher quality in less time, building confidence within the team.

PenRad can present valuable information so your facility will now be able to operate better as a High Risk Breast Center. If you have a Genetic Counseling program, PenRad calculates patient history to qualify for Genetic Testing. Need to fulfill more new MQSA requirements? You can now record EQUIP and perform Peer Review while in the RAISE environment.

The All-inclusive screen display provides the Radiologist detailed access to the patient including prior breast imaging exams, procedures, current reason and historical information. Radiologists enhance their workflow through simple navigation of the entire patient record and SoftCopy integration with the Reading Station.

Features Overview

  • Prior breast imaging exams and procedures
  • Immediate access to view narrative report for imaging exams, procedures and pathology with a single tap
  • View current clinical reason information and historical
  • View a composite of patient’s medical and risk factors, and family cancer history – tap to view complete detail
  • See computed cancer risk values (Tyrer Cuzick V8)
  • Be informed of patients eligible for genetic testing
  • Record EQUIP on the tech, without separate session
  • Perform Peer Review on the comparisons without a separate session (applicable exams noted by PR)
  • See history of patient diagnostic and imaging notes
  • Integration with Breast Density Software and displays tissue density in Exam Screen
  • View and resolve unresolved exams pro-actively
  • Tag a separate custom patient exam letter message

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