Risk Assessment


PenRad internally integrates various risk assessment tools and model engines. Tyrer-Cuzick & Gail models are able to be integrated with real-time assessment calculations as well as CRA Health (formerly HughesRiskapp) integration.

Real-time risk values are displayed on examination and patient risk screens. Values can be incorporated in the narrative report and the patient exam letter. Some regulations require the patient be notified of their breast density and be offered additional imaging evaluation if extremely dense. Additionally, PenRad can facilitate automatic custom phrases based on levels of density in the patient exam letters.

Risk factors inputs come from Patient Medical and Risk History screen and from the Breast History screen by sampling previous biopsy exams or the manually entered biopsies from outside facilities.

Many facilities use the life-time risk tool (<20%) as reimbursement criteria tool for recommendation of breast MRI. In the custom letter template section, a letter to the insurance provider can be generated, automatically incorporating risk factors, exam and family history as well as the risk percentage values.

PenRad administrative reports provide risk result values for historical exams by patient and threshold filters.

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