What Makes PenRad #1 in Customer Service

Six-Time winner of KLAS

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  • We have follow-through
  • We have ownership on each thing we do
  • We deliver on what we say we will do
  • We stay true to time commitments
  • We have a defined Process for what we do


  • We commit and make decisions using strong communication
  • We set goals and use a case/project work flow process
  • We measure to get better
  • We believe in doing things once!  Not twice
  • We still believe in voice to voice solutions
  • We utilize a knowledge base system (share the knowledge)
  • We believe NOW is always better than later


  • We have Experienced long tenured Employees
  • We operate using Collaboration Management, hands on supervision
  • We are Properly trained to handle customer needs
  • We have set the industry standards since 1995
  • We are Proficient in MQSA standards
  • We have DICOM Solutions
  • We are HL7 experts
  • We understand clinical workflow


  • PenCare – A defined process utilizing the “Smarter Rules”
  • Customer Focused Process (3 Level Support System)
  • Phone Answered in 2 rings (Person – NO answering system)
  • Company Guaranteed Policy followed by Stronger Goals
  • Consistent customer communication
  • First Call Resolution
  • 24/7 service
  • Case resolution in 36 hours (78%)
  • We work with a Sense of Urgency

Honest and Ethical

  • We always do the right thing


  • Without the customer, we would have nothing!
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