PenTips #190 – Form Macros

Form Macros Automate Selection and Transport to Tablet As the transition to paper-less evolves and pressures mount for patient throughput, clients can have the patient update their consent and [...]

PenTips #158 – One Step Audit Macros

One Step Pre Audit Preparation and Audit Macros Two macros where integrated to assist facilities with MQSA preparation. A Run Before MQSA Audit, and MQSA Audit macro. To access the macros, enter [...]

PenTips #152 – Stereotactic Additions

Expanded selection of items on stereotactic detail screen Added in Post Procedure Imaging, the option to select “Interp/dedicated workstation” to expand the necessary phraseology to collect post [...]

PenTips #129 – Macro System

  The macro system allows the ability to store and create unlimited custom macros by radiologist for all imaging and procedures exams, plus the ability to create abnormality macros. This [...]