Visualize: Vascular generates focused 3-D rendering from 2-D standard ultrasound images and effectively tracks the true lumen in arterial pathways. Visualize focuses on the lumen and residual lumen by essentially removing the other image content revealing a 3-D rendering of the active area through which the blood can flow. Visualize provides direct luminal measurements to calculate luminal reduction directly from ultrasound imaging.

Advanced Luminal 3D Visualization

3-D rendering can help physicians and clinicians better understand complex situations such as partial occlusions, tortuosity and other conditions which can cause luminal reduction. This information is useful in identifying concerns and facilitating tracking patients with vascular conditions.

Visualize: Vascular’s 3-D rendering is intended to be used as a secondary diagnostic procedure by all physicians monitoring vascular health.

3-D Technology Evaluation

The Journal for Vascular Ultrasound 36(3):199–204, 2012

The study motion files were evaluated by the use of 3D reconstruction software (Visualize: Vascular™, Medipattern, Toronto, Canada), which was used by the technologist to segment the lumen as the region of interest with the interpreting physician blinded to the CFDU results.

Read full evaluation here
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