Conventional markers typically consist of solid objects, that often interfere with imaging procedures and limited permanent visibility.

VizMark™ is a permanent, fully-implantable, hermetically-sealed and well-visualized in all tumor and tissue types. VizMark™ produces a change in signal intensity under magnetic resonance imaging.

VizMark™ is the macromolecular marker of the future, specifically designed to avoid interference when viewed under magnetic imaging. The marker produces a change in signal intensity under MRI to enable the marker to be permanently well-visualized under all tumor types and all tissue types. Of the 70+ biopsy markers on the market, VizMark™ is the only to allow for obstruction free imaging.

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Macromolecular Biopsy Tissue Marker

  • Offers superior visualization under X-ray and ultrasound
  • 13 gauge applicator
  • Gadolinium composition illuminates under MRI, X-ray and ultrasound
  • Permanent FDA approved tissue marker

Patent number: 7702378 82

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